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This account is inactive. Sorry. You can follow my personal here~

OOC Risa

bellenoelle asked: arhbkjbjjkjd I miss you.

chsdfkjdskfds i miss you too.

bellenoelle asked: biotcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccch

lol hoar.

I was deleting some other roleplaying accounts of mine and I came across this one and I felt all nostalgic and whatnot.

But this will be the final post for good on this account even though I abandoned it like a month ago.

I will not troll or lurk or whatever. I unfollowed everyone and changed my info section as well.

This is the REAL goodbye to this character. I just can’t ever play her again even if I do bring her up in another roleplay, which I did, but I’ll just delete that one.

But yeah, if you guys every wanna follow my personal its here~

I will not delete this account either. Its filled with too many memories to do so.

So yeah, this is goodbye to Risa Elaine Chambers. It was fun to roleplay, lurk and troll. But yeah.

Bye ~ OOC Risa. 

Anonymous asked: how about you fall off the face of the earth and die you stupid fucking cunt. just fucking leave

lawl chill out, I’m not even here roleplaying, I’m ~~trolling~~ Noelle/Cheyenne.

You know what? You’re acting like a baby. Man up and get her back or I’ll continue to ignore everyone and just go back into my cave again.

 booyahitsadam replied to your post: GET THE FUCK BACK TOGETHER WITH NOELLE RN.


Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm trying to start a site to inspire and share amongst people would you like to help me out by taking a look at it, I'd appreciate it a bunch :) If you have any feedback or anything that would be awesome; I'm just getting it started
thank you :) I also wanna bring it over to tumblr too but I need a little bit to get it started. Just aplace where people can share themselves their lives stories, anonomously or not and just, open up the eyes of people who have no idea what goes on in day to day life.

Anonymous asked: your opinion on ice cream cake, is it harmful to the enviroment?

cat-raquel asked: i like your blog♥ follow back? :)

Anonymous asked: Hey, your profile caught our eye and you seem like the type of person who would be interested in this. As you know Apple recently released the iPad2 and we're looking for consumers such as yourself to test the product out. What we would do is send the iPad2 to you free of charge, we'll even pick up the shipping costs and in return we ask you to provide a consumers opinion about the product, it's features & it's functionality. There is no catch, absolutely 0% liability, and as an added bonus you'll get to keep the iPad2 as an added incentive for participating in the study. Please note we've selected a dozen or so people and you're one of them, so we're looking forward to your participation and your opinion. To get started, it's simple, just go here enter your email address so we may contact you directly and provide an address where to deliver the iPad to. Once we receive your submission, please allow roughly 7-10 business days for delivery (free of charge). However we do urge you to act upon this offer as soon as possible seeing as the quantities are limited, along with model variations (such as size capacity and etc). Once again, we'll send you the new iPad2 free of charge for your participation. This doesn't require a credit card, nor anything else which may be personal. Just an email address for us to contact you directly and an address where to ship the iPad to.

Once again, the website is & we're looking forward to this hopefully as much as you are!

finns-badass-world asked: Your blog is algebraic

evilanon666 asked: I miss you so much. I hope everything's okay over there.


itsfitzybitch asked: I should have shown up at your doorstep in the rain.

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